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Hanger Aviation Sales

Hanger Aviation Sales is an aircraft broker service based on Charleston, SC.

At Hangar Aviation our goal is to provide services to aircraft owners and those wishing to become aircraft owners. We realize that the large number of aircraft we purchase annually gives us a unique insight into the market. Part of our service is relaying what we are seeing in the industry market to customers at no cost. We invite the public to call us with any aircraft related questions or concerns and we will use our general aviation expertise To answer the question to the best of our ability. Often if we are unable to answer the question we will be able to provide a further resource outside of Hanger Aviation Office for the aircraft owner. Hangar Aviation provides this service at no charge. A factor unique to Hanger Aviation is the fact that we own our entire inventory. What this means is that we have been the buyer of the aircraft we are now selling. We have performed a pre-buy and we have purchased the aircraft with all of its positives and negatives. Once we purchase the aircraft we attempt to remove as many of the negatives as possible. We do this so that when a potential buyer arrives to view an aircraft we can present that aircraft with as many discrepancies resolved as possible. As an added layer of security for the buyer we offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee on all purchases. We want every customer to leave fully satisfied with their purchase so that they become repeat customers and promote Hanger Aviation to their fellow airman at their home field.

With the current market pace of sales, it has been difficult to keep planes on the ramp for very long. Buying aircraft and bringing them back to Charleston to sell used to mean that we would have 8 to 15 aircraft on the ramp at any given time. This is no longer the case. In today’s market our aircraft arrive back at JZI and are sometimes sold the next day or the next week. We are going to begin offering notification of aircraft purchases even before the planes have arrived back in Charleston so that potential buyers can monitor our website and make decisions prior to the general public being informed through advertising. Most of our advertising is done in Trade A Plane and Controller. However, in the future Hangar Aviation is going to begin efforts at advertising our aircraft and other aircraft that we do not own for sale on our website.

At Hanger Aviation “WE BUY AIRPLANES”. If you are considering selling your airplane and especially if you were considering selling your airplane and using a broker then possibly a direct sale to Hanger Aviation Office is an option worth exploring. Our aircraft appraisals or what we consider to be retail values. We purchase aircraft at a price that takes into consideration the retail value and then deduct a brokers fee and some Expenses. We pride ourselves on making the purchase smooth effortless and quick transaction. This process begins by Both parties agreeing on the current retail value. Once we have done this if the brokers fee and expenses are in line and both sides are happy with the numbers then someone from Hanger Aviation Office will visit the aircraft and owner the next day. The review process includes a thorough reading of the logs in an examination of the aircraft. This usually takes about two hours and once Complete a wire transaction is used to conclude the sale. 

Brokering aircraft at Hanger Aviation Office is done on a very exclusive basis. We agree to broker aircraft that are in line with our standards. 1) Up to date on ALL inspections and AD’s 2) Free of all liens and encumbrances  3)Well Maintained with paint and interior in above average condition. If these criteria are met then we are happy to broker Aircraft for individuals seeking to discover the higher limits of the market and less concerned with a speedy sale of the aircraft. 

When it comes to larger turbine aircraft, we had Hanger Aviation Office live on Kyle Falwell and Bonaire. Kyle Falwell and cagaither have a long history together and work together on several larger aircraft where Kyle Falwell has the expertise.… Tab tab get some of Kyle Falwell‘s accolades…

Aircraft painting: we rely on southeastern aircraft painting and Hank Maierhoffer for all of our Aircraft painting projects. Located in plantation Georgia Hank and his crew do an excellent job of painting all types and sizes of aircraft including excellent leather interiors and If needed annual inspections and maintenance.

For years Hanger Aviation Office has relied heavily on Top-Flight Aviation and Terrence Ray to perform all types of maintenance on their aircraft. Terrence Ray and his crew have a background that includes Boeing and FAA employment however their general aviation skills R abba on the best in the nation.

Hangar Aviation was founded over 30 years ago by Clark hanger. The company grew in 2009 when Clark recruited Cole Gaither to joined the company and become the first employee and primary purchasing agent for aircraft. since then the company can boast thousands of aircraft purchases over the entire continent of the US and Alaska. Located at Charleston Executive Airport, Johns Island South Carolina, our small company is often referred to as the “Mamas Used Car lot” for airplanes. Buying and selling 50 to 60 planes a year with a special focus on Beechcraft, Cessna, piper, and Mooney, we have also purchased larger turbine aircraft on a specialty basis. Our goal is to provide customers with the purchase of an aircraft that has first been meticulously reviewed prior to our purchase, then again subsequent to the new owners purchase. We believe that our aircraft are all reasonably priced even though this market currently offers astronomical and continuously rising prices we at Hangar Aviation strive to keep the price of our aircraft as low as possible while still maintaining a fair business profit margin. While Clark hanger is typically the seller of our aircraft, and Cole Gaither is typically the buyer we share roles and complement each other’s talents. Our word is our bond and a handshake is a contract at Hanger Aviation.

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