Who We Are

Plane Crazy Aviation

Plane Crazy Aviation is an aircraft broker service based on Charleston, SC.

At Hangar Aviation our goal is to provide services to aircraft owners and those wishing to become aircraft owners. We realize that the large number of aircraft we purchase annually gives us a unique insight into the market. Part of our service is relaying what we are seeing in the industry market to customers at no cost. We invite the public to call us with any aircraft related questions or concerns and we will use our general aviation expertise To answer the question to the best of our ability. Often if we are unable to answer the question we will be able to provide a further resource outside of Hanger Aviation Office for the aircraft owner. Hangar Aviation provides this service at no charge. A factor unique to Hanger Aviation is the fact that we own our entire inventory. What this means is that we have been the buyer of the aircraft we are now selling. We have performed a pre-buy and we have purchased the aircraft with all of its positives and negatives. Once we purchase the aircraft we attempt to remove as many of the negatives as possible. We do this so that when a potential buyer arrives to view an aircraft we can present that aircraft with as many discrepancies resolved as possible. As an added layer of security for the buyer we offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee on all purchases. We want every customer to leave fully satisfied with their purchase so that they become repeat customers and promote Hanger Aviation to their fellow airman at their home field.

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